Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cool Ideas to Decorate Your Garden for Halloween

Whenever Halloween is to get closer, people start to get in to the festivities and search for ways to make their homes extra spooky. The backyard is an ideal target as it only takes some imagination and some free time in order to decorate it in a scary way. This makes your backyard a prime choice for a Halloween garden party. Don’t think that you need to go out and buy brand new items for your backyard, such as a "" gazebo canopy or a new table. Here are a few ideas to help you decorate for Halloween:

1. Backyard Cemetery

What could be scarier and more appropriate for Halloween than a cemetery? You don’t need anything except the tombstones. That is the best part. Place those in the ground and you instantly conjure up the idea of a cemetery in people’s minds. You could get plastic or foam tombstones at various shops, but you can also make your own from some cardboard boxes you have around the house, if you want. All you need to do is cut them in the shape of a paint and tombstone them grey and you are all set.

2. Spooky trees

They could do with some attention, as well, if you have trees in the backyard. You can dangle various things from them such as bats, spider webs etc. or you could give them a pair of eyes, a nose and an evil laugh to make them seem alive.

3. Jack o’Lanterns

The pumpkin will always be an indispensable decoration for Halloween. They can be found all around town come Halloween time or you could make your own if you have some extra time.

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