Tuesday, October 13, 2009

IB Screwed❗

If you're anything like i was during my time as an International baccalaureate student i'm sure you've considered killing yourself on numerous occasions [a joke, of course, for those of you without a sense of humor...]. I found that the actual work itself is not as hard as it seems, but the workload is what makes it unbearable. I believe it would have been so much easier to create quality work if we weren't thrown into the projects with little instruction and minimal examples. One of the must frustrating aspects for me was not knowing what exactly was being asked of me as a student...It is for this reason that I am uploading a few samples of some of the projects that are required in certain courses, along with the grades they received by official IB scorers. Hopefully these papers will be of help to you! Best of luck with your studies and be sure to pass this site on if you found it helpful. (Scores and papers from the 2008 marking period)

Note: These papers are for guidance purposes only! No part of these works are to be copied, cited, or used in any way! doing so could result in disqualification from the IB program (this shit's on the internet! they'll know if you plagiarized...)

World Literature Paper I (85/100 points)

World Literature Paper II (92/100 points)

Theory of Knowledge Final Essay (1/2 points)

Historical Investigation (97/100 points)

Math Portfolio

And the BIG ONE....

EXTENDED ESSAY (1/2 points)

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